Adventure Awaits >>> A Colorado Native living in the big city Northwest. Cross over mountains, taste the sea air, climb up rocks, paddle white water, ski fresh powder.


This place though, can I never leave?

Appropriate question from anon, as that climber girl posted a serious flex! When do we get to see YOUR guns???

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She sure does! I’m impressed. Soon I’ll put up some more climbing pictures, and there are some floating around there!

@thatclimbergirl and you armwrestle...who wins?

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damn good question…..I’m going with tie! 

You could not possibly get ANY prettier!

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Thank you for making me blush!

Hey, Great NW. Awesome blog. As a girl wanting to get into climbing, you inspire me. I'm nervous, though - it looks HARD! I can only do like one pullup. Can I still climb? Or should I work on pullups first? THANKS!

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Hi :) thank you for your kind words
You can absolutely still climb!! It can be hard, but down right damn fun! Don’t be nervous, start with something easy, go to a gym or an easy crag around your area.
Have some fun with it, let me know how it goes!